Core Collection

Our Core Collection candles come in a premium glass vessel with a luxurious feel and look. They are durable and can be repurposed afterwards.
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dark rose and labdanum candle photo

Rose Noir - Plum & Dark Rose Scent

$35.00 USD
Rose Noir Candle captures the essence of deep, velvety roses, evoking an air of mystery and elegance. As you light it, the room fills with a luxurious fragrance that's both...
Calabrian lemon and lilac leaves candle photo

Jade Waters - Lemon & Lilac Leaves Scent

$35.00 USD
Complementing the lemon aroma is the gentle and floral fragrance of lilac. Together, they create an atmosphere that's perfect for rejuvenating your senses, celebrating the beauty of nature, or simply...
Strawberry Macaron and Vanilla Whip Candle photo

Berry Blast - Strawberry & Vanilla Scent

$35.00 USD
Complementing the strawberry aroma is the rich, creamy scent of vanilla whip. Together, they create an ambiance that's perfect for cozy evenings, dessert lovers, or simply adding a touch of...
creamy vanilla and coconut sugar candle photo

Creamy Vanilla - Vanilla & Coconut Scent

$35.00 USD
Whether you're seeking relaxation after a long day, setting the mood for a quiet evening, or adding a touch of sweetness to your daily routine, this candle adapts to your...
harvested sumac and campfire candle photo

Wild Sumac - Campfire Scent

$35.00 USD
A thought-provoking combination of earthy birch and guaiacwood unite with smokey vanilla and tobacco leaf to create a striking, velvety scent. Top: Elemi, Tobacco Leaf, CacaoHeart: Roasted Chestnut, Wild SumacBase:...
prosecco and raspberry candle photo

Bubbly Toast - Prosecco & Raspberry Scent

$35.00 USD
Bubbly Toast  Candle captures the essence of a celebratory toast, infusing your space with the vibrant and effervescent notes of Prosecco. It's like a virtual clink of glasses in candle form....
tobacco blossom and white santal candle photo

Tobacco Leaf - Santal & Bergamot Scent

$35.00 USD
Creamy luxurious sandalwood mingles with amber woods, tobacco leaf and sweet vanilla in a captivating, powerful impression of opulence. Fragrance Note Top: Tobacco Leaf, Bergamot, Black PepperHeart: Cocoa Blossom, White...
santal and black cardamon candle photo

Santal Wood - Santal & Cardamon Scent

$35.00 USD
Spicy, and everything nice-y. Luxurious sandalwood is front and center, complimented by animalic musk and spicy cardamom. Fragrance Notes:Top: Sandalwood, Black CardamomHeart: Amber, Water LilyBase: Musk, Vanilla Contains Essential Oils...
Manuka milk and bergamot honey candle photo

Manuka Honey - Honey & Bergamot Scent

$35.00 USD
Complementing the Manuka milk aroma is the delightful scent of bergamot honey. Together, they create an atmosphere that's perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation, or simply adding a touch of sweetness to...
palo Santo candle photo

Palo Santo Candle

$35.00 USD
100% natural. A cleansing palo santo and sage blend with grounding cedarwood and clove. Santo is known for its ability to clear negative energies and invite a sense of calm...
Almond Blossom and Tonka Candle photo

Almond Blossom - Blossom & Tonka Scent

$35.00 USD
The delicate almond blossom and tonka is nature's work of art, and our candle pays homage to its beauty. It's a reminder of the wonders of the natural world and a...
Our Core Collection candles come in a premium glass vessel with a luxurious feel and look. They are durable and can be repurposed afterwards.